Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Smart devices that use Google's Android operating system as prevalent. Recent research has shown that there are numerous apps in the Android based hack or steal the user's  important personal information . 

University and a researcher at the University of Philips in Germany lebanija come out. Google Apps trafficking shop'Google Play Store' at 13 thousand applications from the check - the sort. It can be seen, at least 8 percent [of the 74] apps code is wrong or the code deficiencies. The Brijabena time the news media, researchers sampled 100 of them hacked to try to run the application. Without too much effort, they are able to break out of the security zone. The customer is Wi - Fi area created by the Android apps code in a variety of confidential information [as bank accounts, online banking information, such as American Express and pepala] are able to grab it. Facebook users, Cloud Storage ID from the e - mail ID information into the hands of researchers. The concern is that the code is broken down almost 4 million users worldwide, this application is 41. Google has already been made.

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